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Update: Civilian Death Toll Rises, Curfew Imposed on Ben Guerdane

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The announced in a written statement that a curfew will be in effect beginning at 7 p.m. in .

Yasser Mesbeh the spokesman for the ministry also called on media to avoid travelling to the city.

Local media already on site are reporting that twenty civilians and security personnel have been killed in clashes that began at dawn in the city of Ben Guerdane near the Libyan border.

In addition to the 21 militants the Ministry of the Interior stated had been killed a further 10 appear to have been killed in a standoff in a residential home, that report, however is unverified.

Prime Minister Habib Essid has ordered the Ministers of Defense and the Interior, and Hedi Majdoub respectively, to travel to Ben Guerdane to supervise operations.

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