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Tunisair to Begin Selling Tickets for Direct Flights to Canada

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The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) announced that (Société Tunisienne de l’Air ) voiced intention to start its commercial activities in , on May 31, 2016 and had applied to the Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) and been granted an exemption to Canada’s transport laws, permitting Tunisair to begin selling tickets in Canada prior to approval of its Canadian license.


Although Tunisair’s application for a scheduled license to operate a service between Tunisia and Canada, has not been granted final approval, Tunisair was granted the exemption to article 59 of the transport law in Canada (LTC) which requires a valid service license prior to offering tickets for sales by the CTA.


Section 59 of the LTC, is a consumer protection measure, which “is intended to prevent situations in which consumers in Canada pay for a service to an entity that does not hold an Agency license and are left out of pocket or experience any manner of inconvenience or hardship that may result if that entity does not commence operations on schedule.”


Explaining its decision to grant the exemption the CTA said it was “satisfied that there is a high probability that the license will issue prior to the intended start-up date on May 31, 2016.” adding “In the present circumstances, considering the intent of section 59 of the CTA and the fact that the applicant is taking all the necessary steps to meet all licensing issuance requirements, the Agency finds that compliance by the applicant with section 59 of the CTA is unnecessary.”


Earlier in February, Tunisair resumed direct flights to Moscow, after a three year suspension.