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Tunis: Start of Consultations on Human Rights Commission

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Kamel Jendoubi, the Minister for Relations with the Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society and Human Rights announced the opening of a series of consultations by a specialized committee on a draft organic law prepared by his Ministry to establish the mandated by the Constitution.


The committee conducting the consultations, , is comprised of representatives from the legislature, concerned ministries, civil society organizations, judges and human rights experts.


A first round of consultations which began this week in Tunis on Monday, February 29 and will be followed by regional meetings and four workshops leading up to a conference on March 23, to assess the findings and conclusions of the Higher Committee of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.  After which, pending the outcome of the consultations, a draft organic law is slated to be presented to the Assembly of the Representatives of the People (ARP) in April.


The four workshops are aimed at establishing the Human Rights Commission’s: missions and prerogatives, composition and selection procedures for members, organization and the operating procedures and the financing and accountability of the Commission.



Human Rights Commission is a Constitutionally mandated Independent Constitutional body which are defined by Chapter VI. of the 2014 Constitution.


Relevant Articles from Chapter VI. Independent Constitutional Bodies:


VI. Article 125

The independent constitutional bodies act in support of democracy; and all institutions of the state must facilitate their work.

These bodies shall enjoy a legal personality and financial and administrative independence.

They are elected by the Assembly of the Representatives of the People by a qualified majority. They are responsible before the Assembly and shall submit an annual report to it. The report of each independent constitutional body is discussed in a special plenary session of the Assembly.

The law establishes the composition of these bodies, representation within them, the methods by which they are elected, and the processes for oversight of their functioning, and the procedures for ensuring their accountability.



VI. Part Three: Human Rights Commission

Article 128

The Human Rights Commission oversees respect for, and promotion of, human freedoms and rights, and makes proposals to develop the human rights system. It must be consulted on draft laws that fall within the domain of its mandate.

The Commission conducts investigations into violations of human rights with a view to resolving them or referring them to the competent authorities.

The Commission shall be composed of independent and impartial members with competence and integrity. They undertake their functions for a single six-year term.



The list of new members of the Higher Committee of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (CSDHLF-Comité Supérieur des Droits de l’Homme et des Libertés ) was published by JORT the Official Journal of the Republic of Tunisia.

National personalities known for their integrity and competence in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms:

  • Abderrahmane Hedhli
  • Saïda Akremi
  • Souad Triki
  • Slaheddine Jourchi
  • Salsabil Klibi
  • Monia Ben Jemiaa
  • Mustapha Tlili
  • Amira Yahyaoui
  • Habiba Ben Romdhane
  • Rami Salhi
  • Soufien Belhaj Mohamed
  • Salem El Fourati
  • Fakher Majdoub
  • Abdelkrim Allagui


Representatives of the Legislature

  • Asma Aboulhana
  • Ramzi Ben Fraj


National Representatives of nongovernmental organizations concerned with human rights, appointed by their organizations

  • Fatiha Hizem | Tunisian Association of Democratic Women
  • Mondher Charni | Tunisian Association against Torture
  • Sana Ben Achour | Beity Association
  • Mouldi Jendoubi | UGTT
  • Hamed Lamime | (National Bar)
  • Raoudha Karafi | Association of Tunisian Judges
  • Sofien El Arabi | Union of Tunisian Judges
  • Aida El Hichri | SNJT-National Union of Tunisian Journalists
  • Salima Ben Khedhr | Tunisian League of Women Voters
  • Bashir Boujday | UTICA
  • Dhaker El Aloui | Tunisian League for Citizenship
  • Souhir Fouarati | Association of Tunisian Women for Research on Development


Representatives of Government Ministries

  • Justice | Raja Chaouachi
  • Interior | Maher Gaddour
  • Foreign Affairs | Holla Bachtobji
  • Education | Adel El Haddad
  • Higher Education and Scientific Research | Safeieddine El Haj
  • Social Affairs | Mohamed Zribi
  • Health | Samar Samoud
  • Culture | Adam Fathi
  • Youth and Sports | Khaled Meddeb El Hamrouni
  • Women’s Affairs | Samia Daoula