“Terrorist Recruitment Cell” With Ties to Ben Guerdane Broken Up in Tunis

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The announced, on Monday, March 21, that the national counterterrorism investigations unit of Aouina (Tunis) had dismantled a ‘terrorist cell of twelve takfiri elements’ operating in the Tunis area.


The suspects are accused of recruiting individuals to fight for the “Daech organization” in Libya (Islamic State), including militants who were killed or detained during the March 7, attack on .


The same statement announced the arrest of three smugglers in the governorate of the Kef, by Tunisian units coordinating with the Aouina Counterterrorism unit. The three suspects are accused of smuggling ‘dozens’ militants into Libya in exchange for money.


In the same context, the same unit managed in coordination with the National Guard units from Kef stop three smugglers took over the smuggling of dozens of militants stealth versus varying amounts of money.


The research also revealed that the cell referenced helped some terrorist elements that were stopped or eliminated recently in Ben Guerdane to switch stealth to Libya.


The twelve suspects involved in the recruitment cell are to appear before the judicial pole for the fight against terrorism in Tunis, the statement concluded.


At dawn on March 7, over fifty militants simultaneously attacked security personnel, a national guard office, a customs office and a military barracks in the city of Ben Guerdane near the Libyan border.


During the attack and the days immediately following it security forces killed forty nine militants and arrested nine.

The Tunisian authorities have stated that the unprecedented attack was an attempt by Tunisian militants, active in Libya, to establish an Islamic State emirate in Tunisia.