‘Terrorist’ Cells Broken Up in Zaghouan and Tataouine

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In Zaghouan and Tataouine two separate ‘terrorist’ cells of five individuals were dismantled by security units, two suspects in Tataouine remain at large, while the cell in the Zaghouan planned on using an unexploded munition from the second World War for its explosive material.


The announced, in a statement released on Wednesday, April 6, that arrested three of five members of a terrorist cell in Tataouine had been arrested while two others remained at large and were subject to arrest warrants.
During interrogations, one of the members of the group acknowledged having traveled to Libya on two occasions for commercial purposes where he also met with ‘Wahhabi jihadists’ according to the statement.
In a statement also released on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, the Ministry of the Interior announced that units in the Zaghouan Governorate dismantled a terrorist cell of five individuals in the delegation of the Ennadhour.


In addition to confessing they had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State, the suspects were found to be in possession of an unexploded WWII munition, from which they planned to extract explosives material to attack security and military patrols.


The suspects from Zaghouan were transferred to the El Aouina National Counterterrorism investigations unit in Tunis.