Six Arrested in Gafsa Part of ‘Terrorist’ Cell Plotting Attacks in Region

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The announced on Wednesday, March 30, the dismantling of a '' cell of six individuals in the Sened region of Gafsa who had pledged allegiance to Daesh [Islamic State] and were planning on carrying out attacks in Tunisia.


According to a Ministry of the statement after consultation with the public prosecutor Gafsa, security units raided and searched the home of what the ministry described as 'Salafist or Takfiri elements' and arrested six members of a cell that was 'likely' planning to carry out a terrorist operation and had tried to obtain weapons from Libya to carry out attacks on security and military installations in the region.  The cell operated from a farm which was used for the 'physical preparation and military training' of cell members.


The Ministry of the Interior added that the cell is also involved in the dissemination of jihadi propaganda, recruitment and raising funds for a previously banned organization.


The Ministry of the Interior said it was searching for four other individuals suspected of having links to the cell.

الكشف عن خلية تكفيرية بجهة السند بقفصة إثر توفر معلومات مفادها أن أحد العناصر التكفيرية بجهة السند من ولاية قفصة يتوا...

Posted by Ministère de l'Intérieur - Tunisie on Wednesday, March 30, 2016