Ras Jedir Border Crossing | Credit: Kiyanovsky68

Ras Jedir: U.S. Experts Visit Tunisian Libyan Border

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MosaiqueFm is reporting that “American experts” visiting the crossing on the Tunisian Libyan border on Thursday February 11, to examine security infrastructure along the border ahead of a planned installation of an .


On Saturday, February 7, Tunisia’s Minister of Defense Farhat Horchani visited the buffer zone along Tunisia’s border with Libya to announce the completion of construction of a 250 km security barrier, which runs south from the border crossing of Ras Jedir to Dhehiba.


Horchani also announced that an ‘advanced electronic sensor system’ was being deployed along the barrier, with military trainers from the United States and Germany arriving soon to help install and train the Tunisian military on its use.


Horchani added that the deployment military advisers would require the signing of an agreement between Tunisia and the two countries.  As well as the development by the security and defense committees at the Assembly of the Representatives of the People (ARP) of a legal framework on the deployment of uniformed foreign military forces on Tunisian soil.