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Prime Minister and Interior Take Action Against Security Union

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On Friday February 26, the Office of the announced it had lodged a formal complaint with the prosecutor of the First Instance Court in Tunis against the SNFSI’s union leaders after individuals involved in the SNFSI’s protest outside the Prime Minister’s Office scaled the walls of the Kasbah palace on Thursday.


In addition to breaching ‘the sanctity of the headquarters of the government’ the Prime Minister’s office statement which announced it had filed the complaint made reference to statements which ‘harmed the prestige of the state and its institutions’, ‘violations of the state of emergency’ and disrupting public order.


In an earlier statement, in which the Prime Minister’s office had indicated its intent to file the criminal complaint it had stated “Such a conduct cannot be tolerated and has nothing to do with trade union action,”


The also announced it would initiate legal proceedings against members of the SNFSI who had engaged in “’serious excesses’ and ‘violations’ of provisions of the constitution and the law.”


The Ministry of the Interior statement did not distinguish between SNFSI union leaders and members.


For its part the SNFSI, issued a statement on Friday in which it said it was ready to appear before court and fully assume responsibilities of its decisions and actions.


Over two thousand members of the Union of Internal Security Forces (SNFSI-Syndicat National des Forces de Securite Interieure) protested in front of Prime Minister Habib Essid’s Kasbah Office in Tunis for a second day on Friday, February, 26.


Union members are demanding salary rises, risk premiums, and benefits comparable to those offered to members of the military.
A meeting between unionists and representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of the Interior on Thursday night was unsuccessful in reaching an agreement on the protesters demands, after according to media reports had had proposed a monthly wage increase of 230 dinars.  The SNFSI is seeking an increase of 390 dinars to their monthly pay.