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One Dead Three Wounded at Border Junction of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya

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Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) is reporting that one person was killed and three on Saturday, February 21, after a vehicle carrying ten individuals was intercepted by a military patrol refused orders to stop in the buffer zone on the Tunisian-Algerian . The incident occurred 15km from , where the borders of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya meet.


The wounded were transported to the regional hospital in Tataouine, while the deceased individual was taken to the regional hospital in Gabes for an autopsy.


According to TAP “During the interrogation, the individuals said they were planning to go to Libya to illegally travel to Europe.”


A separate security source is reporting that of the ten individuals were comprised of eight Algerians and two Moroccans.
The incident comes as both Tunisia and Algeria have placed their border on maximum alert ahead of a possible international intervention in Libya.Algeria has reportedly massed fifty thousand troops along its border while Tunisia in addition to deploying additional forces to its border with Libya has recently completed a 250 km security barrier along its border with Libya.