Ministry of Public Service and Governance Launches Campaign to Tackle Civil Servant Absenteeism

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Kamel Ayadi, the Minister of Public Service, Governance and the Fight Against Corruption, launched a two month public awareness campaign against civil servant absenteeism on Monday, May 9. The campaign aims to raise awareness on the costs of absenteeism, ‘to uphold the value of work’ and conduct an evaluation of the attendance and cost-effectiveness of the public servants.

The campaign will conclude with a final report which will provide updated statistics on, and an assessment of, the phenomenon.

Ayadi said the situation “cannot be tolerated any longer” and urged to realize that “human resources are Tunisia’s only wealth and that economic development hinges on a better staff performance and productivity.”
According to statistics cited by Minister Ayadi during a press conference to mark the launch of the campaign:

  • The overall the represents 45% of the overall state budget and 14% of GDP.
  • 2.7 million working days are lost annually due to short or long-term sick leaves.
  • These lost days account for about 4.5% of the overall government wage bill.
  • The losses incurred from absences represent 2% of the annual Tunisian budget.