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Military Patrol Intercepts Smugglers on Libyan Border, One Dead

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Monday, February 29, a smuggler died after his vehicle was fired upon by a joint patrol of the Tunisian Army and at Dharet El-Khass on the Tunisian-Libyan border.


The said in a communique that five vehicles had entered the military buffer zone from the Libyan side of the border at approximately 3 a.m., and that “the vehicles did not comply with instructions to stop, despite warning shots, after which shots were fired on the lead vehicle’s tires”.


At which point the other four vehicles escaped back into Libya, the driver of the lead vehicle, who had been smuggling cigarettes, had taken a bullet wound to the shoulder.


According to the Defense Ministry statement the driver passed away while he was being transported by ambulance from to the Ben Guerdane regional hospital.


Tunisia recently completed a 250 km security barrier along its Libyan border from Ras Jedir to Dehiba.