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Members of National Authority for the Prevention of Torture Elected by ARP

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Mohamed Ennaceur, Speaker of the Assembly of the Representatives of People (ARP) announced the list of 16 members elected to the on Wednesday, March 30.  The list was approved by a majority of the ARP during its second day of debates on 48 proposed candidates.


In addition to creating a database to monitor cases, presenting an annual report (to the President, Prime Minister and ARP), and advising on legislation by 'expressing an opinion in the draft legal texts' the National Authority for the Prevention of Torture will also make 'regular visits to, including one without prior notice, at any time and at any places of detention in which there is people are or can be deprived of their liberty" to ensure that 'detention conditions' are "inline 'with international standards and laws'.


The National Authority for the Prevention of Torture was established in October 2013 by the Organic Law No. 43 as a an administratively independent body. Because it dates from the transitional period of 2013 it is separate from the Independent Constitutional Bodies explicitly mandated by the 2014 Constitution. Such as the now led by Kemal Jendoubi.


The members were chosen to nonrenewable six year terms and half of the body's composition will be renewed every three years, according to an ARP statement.


The Authority's members are divided into six categories, they are:

Human rights organizations and associations: Massoud Romdhani Lotfi Ezzeddine, Afef Chaâbane, Dhiaddine Mourou, Maroua Raddadi and Hamida Dridi.

Academic and social matters: Radhia Halouani and Fethi Jaray.

Child protection specialist: Saida M'barak.

Retired judges: Touhami Hafi and Nabiha Kefi.

Specialized Lawyers: Tahar Kadachi and Noura Kouki.

Medical and Psychological Specialists: Slim Annabi, Lamia Fathallah and Mohamed Yassine Binouss.