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Marzouk Names Party ‘Movement of Tunisia’s Project’

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On March 2, announced that the name of his soon to be formed political party will be “Movement of Tunisia’s Project”.  Marzouk said the name was selected after a national consultation with supporters which 125,000 people had participated in.
During Nidaa Tounes’s disastrous party congress in Sousse earlier this year in January, Mohsen Marzouk, the former secretary general of , held a rival conference in Tunis at which he announced his intention to officially form the new political party on March 2.  Instead it will now be formed on March 20, Tunisia’s 60th celebration of its independence from France.


“Movement of Tunisia’s Project’s” calendar is being dictated by symbolism as the baptismal date of March 2 coincided with the 82nd anniversary of the creation of the Neo-Destour party.  The Neo-Destour was formed when Tunisia’s independence leader and first President broke away from the Destour party, as Marzouk has from Nidaa.


Within the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, the parliamentary bloc loyal to Marzouk has chosen to name itself Al-Horra, and is already the third largest bloc within the ARP.