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Improvised Explosive Device Defused Near Bilal Mosque in Jendouba

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An improvised explosive device discovered near the University of Jendouba’s campus was successfully disarmed by specialized Tunisian Armed Forces on Tuesday, June 21.


After local and military personnel established around the area, the Brigade of Detection and Neutralization of Explosives defused two explosive devices which had been left in a plastic bag outside the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management in the delegation of Jendouba North.


Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) citied a security source who said the explosives had been ‘discovered on Monday night by a security patrol near Bilal Mosque’.


Initial reports from ShemsFm cited an eyewitness report claiming that an individual on a motorcycle had been seen dropping off the plastic bag. ShemsFm added that military units who were already in the area conducting search operations after reports of suspicious movements from Jebel (Mount) Lihirech, approximately 5km from the the scene discovered the explosive device.


TAP’s report on today’s incident adds ‘Terrorists were holed up in this neighbourhood which hosts . Some of them were eliminated in previous operations in Kef and Kasserine.’


The Bilal Mosque was the scene of a standoff between Salafist extremists and Tunisian security forces in 2012 when approximately 150 people filled the mosque to prevent from apprehending several wanted suspects who had taken refuge in the mosque to avoid a security patrol.