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Hackers Take Over Ministry of Health’s Website, Post Message Decrying Lack of Services in Poorer Regions

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Hackers took control of the Tunisian Ministry of Health’s website early on Sunday, June 19 and posted a message directed at the Minister of Health Said Aidi denouncing the state of the health system and its in interior regions.


The shutdown of the Ministry of Health’s website coincides with a June 20 deadline for applications to a recruitment competition to fill 190 openings for doctors.


While the issued a statement that the filing deadline for an employment competition was being pushed back as a result of the hacking, the ministry has made no other statements concerning whether this was a case of hacktivism only or what systems and information if any the hackers may have had access to.


Nor did the Ministry of Health state when it expects its website to be operational again, several hours after the message appeared the website was taken down, as of early Tuesday morning the website (www.santetunisie.rns.tn) is still down.


The hackers calling themselves ‘darkshadow-tn’ and ‘psyco Miste’ posted the following message:

“Have you forgotten us?????????
We are back today?
How are you mister minister?
Could you remind yourself of these used hospitals?
Why do only the people of the capital and coast get healthcare?
Aren’t the needy poor part of the people?”