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French FM Ayrault Threatens Sanctions To Those Blocking Libyan Government Vote

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In the event a was not formed in days, Ayrault, who will be in Tunis next week, told the French i-Tele television during in an interview on Thursday night, March 11 that he “did not exclude the possibility of threatening the politicians responsible for blocking the process with sanctions.”  Asked if it was time to intervene in Libya militarily the French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said “it is first up to the Libyans to fight Daech (Islamic State) in their country.”


However concerning the efforts to block a vote on the proposed Government of National Accord by a faction within the internationally recognized in Tobruk Ayrault said “We can’t wait any longer. That’s enough.” (ça suffit!) although he optimistically added the impasse could be resolved “in a matter of days”.  However, Ayrault said he was planning to recommend sanctions at an ministerial meeting in Brussels on Monday, March 14.


Faiez Serraj. The Prime Minister designate of a Government of National Accord is scheduled to arrive in Tunis on Friday, March 11 where the members of the and United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) special envoy Martin Kolber met on Thursday and issued a statement calling for the HOR to “assume its responsibilities” and vote on the proposed Government of National Accord.