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Four Tunisian Security Personnel Killed During Raid in Tataouine

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Four members of Tunisia's were killed while attempting to raid a house in a counterterrorism operation in the Smar region in the Governorate of Tataouine on Wednesday May, 11; hours after a raid in the suburbs of Tunis killed two suspected terrorists and resulted in over a dozen arrests.



According to the Ministry statement during the raid in Tataouine, one of the entrenched terrorists detonated a suicide vest which killed four members of the National Guard, while a second suspected terrorist killed during an initial exchange of gunfire prior to the blast.  


Both Raids Related

The two incidents are related according the which said that information received from suspected terrorists arrested earlier today in the Tunis suburbs had directly led to the second raid in Tataouine.



Earlier today units raided a house occupied by what the Ministry of the Interior described as “dangerous terrorists” in the Ettadhamen neighborhood a northwestern suburb of Tunis killing two militants and arresting 16 others. No casualties were reported amongst security personnel or civilians in Ettadhamen, although search operations in the densely populated area are also ongoing.

According to a Ministry of the Interior press release the suspects in Ettadhamen were from different regions of Tunisia and were converging on the capital region ‘to prepare synchronized terrorist attacks.’
In both raids a number of weapons including Kalashnikovs, pistols, ammunition and grenades were seized. Several local media outlets have reported, citing security sources, that several of the suspects in Ettadhamen took part in the March 7, attack on Ben Guerdane.