Four Suspected of Financing ‘Terrorist Organization’ Arrested in the Kef

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The announced the arrest of four suspected militants ‘involved in financing a terrorist organization’ near Jerissa in the Governorate of the Kef on Thursday, April 21.


A statement from the Ministry added ‘Primary investigations revealed that the group is related to a dangerous terrorist who is in the mountains of Le Kef.’


The same statement also noted that one of the suspects is a woman and the suspects ranged from 24 to 50 years of age.


On Thursday, April 14, the Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of twelve ‘takfiris’ throughout four governorates including the Kef as well as Sfax, Monastir and Kasserine.

The suspects arrested on Thursday were in contact with elements of the terrorist organization Jund al-Khilafah operating in the mountains of Kasserine, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Jund al-Khilafah was believed by Tunisian officials to operate training camps outside Sabratha in which all three Tunisian gunmen responsible for the Bardo and Sousse attacks received training.  In addition to the Sousse and Bardo attacks Jund al Khilafah claimed responsibility the suicide bombing in Tunis in November which killed twelve members of Tunisia’s and the murder of sixteen year old Mabrouk Soltani.

In February the U.S. launched an airstrike against training camps in the western Libyan city of Sabratha. The strikes targeted and reportedly killed , suspected amongst other terrorism related activities of involvement in the Bardo attack in March of 2015.

The United Nations estimates that more than 5,500 Tunisians, have joined militant groups abroad a significant portion of which have joined the Islamic State in Libya.