Emrhod’s May Survey Finds Increase in Tunisians’ Optimism, PM Essid Ahead of Essebsi and Ennaceur in Job Approval Rating

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The latest opinion poll by showed that once again Essid enjoys higher approval ratings than Tunisia's other two Presidents (The Prime Minister is officially the President of the Government) and is at the moment at least the only one to enjoy a majority approval rating, albeit a very slim majority.


Although Prime Minister Habib Essid's job approval fell slightly, by less than a percentage point to 50.9% from 51.7% in March, Essid remains slightly ahead of President in terms of job approval according to a survey conducted between May 16 and 19 by Emrhod Consulting which involved 1022 Tunisian citizens throughout Tunisia's 24 governorates, with a possible margin of error of 3%.

49.4% of those polled said they were satisfied with the performance of President Beji Caid Essebsi, this represents a two percent drop from March when a slight majority of Tunisians polled (51.3%) approved of President Essebsi's performance.

Mohamed Ennaceur the President (Speaker) of Assembly of the Representatives of the People (ARP) saw his approval rise in May, by 1.6%, despite the gain Ennaceur's approval remains low at 35.3% and is perhaps more reflective of the ARP as an institution.

President Essebsi can take some solace in the fact that when asked which political figure is most suitable to lead the country the survey found:

President Beji Caid Essebsi 25.9 %
Hamma Hammami 12.1%
Neji Jalloul 7.7%
Safi Said 7.1%
Mohsen Marzouk 6.8%
Moncef Marzouki 6.3%
Abdelfattah Mourou 6.1%
Mehdi Jomaa 5.8%
Kamel Morjane 4.2%
Mohamed Abbou 4.1%
Rached Ghannouchi 4.0%
OTHER 9.8%


President Essebsi's Nidaa Tounes, remains the largest party in terms of voting intentions, when asked which party they would vote for if elections took place today, respondents said:

Nidaa Tounes 29.6%
Ennahda 19.9%
Popular Front 12.4%
Machrou Tounes 7.1%
Afek Tounes 5.9%


Generally the survey found:

81.2% of Tunisians are optimistic for the days ahead, a significant increase from Emrhod's March survey on the heels of the March 7 attack on Ben Guerdane when only 70.8% described themselves as such.

Amongst those surveyed 14.9% currently described themselves as pessimistic versus 20.6% in March.

44.2% of respondents believe that the risk of terrorism in Tunisia is high, down from 45.7% in April.

44% of respondents see the economic situation as improving against 40.8% who see it as deteriorating.

Emrhod Consulting also found that 47% of respondents are in favor of some form of reconciliation for those involved in cases of corruption under the former regime, while still below a majority the rate was only 33% in September of 2015.