V. The Judicial Authority


Article 102

The judiciary is independent. It ensures the administration of justice, the supremacy of the Constitution, the sovereignty of the law, and the protection of rights and freedoms.

Judges are independent with the law being the sole authority over them in discharging their functions.


Article 103

Judges must be competent, and should be characterized by neutrality and integrity. They shall be held accountable for any shortcomings in their performance.


Article 104

Judges enjoy criminal immunity and may not be prosecuted or arrested unless their immunity is lifted. In the event of being apprehended committing a crime, a judge may be arrested and the Judicial Council he/she is affiliated with shall be notified, and shall decide on lifting the immunity.


Article 105

The legal profession is a free and independent profession that contributes to the establishment of justice and the defence of rights and liberties. Lawyers enjoy the legal guarantees that protect them and enable them to fulfill their functions.