Ben Guerdane, Defense/Interior Since March 7: ’49 Suspected Terrorist Killed, Nine Arrested’

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Forty nine suspected terrorists have been killed and nine arrested since March 7, according to a joint communique from the Ministries of the Interior and Defense which provided updated figures on security operations following the on .  When at dawn on Monday, March 7 approximately fifty militants simultaneously attacked security installations and personnel in Ben Guerdane resulting in nearly sixty deaths, including thirteen security personnel and seven civilians.


The statement added that a suspected militant was taken into custody on Thursday night, two Kalashnikov assault rifles were also seized.


The numbers relate to suspected militants directly involved in the attack, several other arrests and security operations have been widely reported in the media of individuals who are suspected of ties to the attack but are not believed to have participated in the attack are not included in the ministries figures.


Earlier on Thursday, the also called for applications after it announced it would hire additional civil protection agents.