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ARP: Parliamentary Blocs Latest Reshuffle Formally Recognized

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Ennahda, by holding its sixty nine seats parliamentary bloc together, stands as a paragon of stability and party unity when compared to Tunisia's secular oriented parties, as the Assembly of the Representatives of the People (ARP), for a second time this year, formally recognized the latest changes in the constantly shifting sands of the legislature's party balance.


The formal recognition of the redistribution also comes with an automatic resignation from any legislative committee assignments by the individual deputies who leave a party.


In a statement on Saturday, April 9 the ARP took into account changes in the parliamentary bloc memberships of , the UPL and Al-Horra.

  • Nidaa Tounes now holds 56 seats after the latest resignation by deputy Marouene Felflel.
  • Al Horra, which is primarily composed of former Nidaa Tounes deputies who resigned en masse in January when Nidaa Tounes disintegrated during its disastrous party congress in Sousse, currently stands at 28 seats after Bochra Belhaj Hmida and Hsouna Nasfi joined Al Horra's ranks.
  • UPL or Free Patriotic Union's (l’Union Patriotique Libre) bloc is down to 14 members after the resignations of Youssef Jouini and Nourredine Ben Achour.


The ranks of the Popular Front at 15 seats as well as and the with ten seats each are unchanged.


The remaining 15 deputies in the 217 seat ARP are independent deputies without formal party affiliation.

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