Tunisia-tn is Fadhel Moudoud’s attempt to blog about Tunisian news in English.


Based in the Washington D.C. area, and with an aforementioned U.S. academic background,  news with involves Tunisia and either the U.S., World Bank or IMF will feature frequently and with what may seem at times to be undue attention in comparison to other news.  That being said I am not affiliated with any government organization, political party, or civic organization.


The emphasis on U.S. and international developments which concern Tunisia and my interest in security news  will result in very significant issues receiving little or no attention.   This does not reflect that I consider any of these issues insignificant or to be less important than what I choose to write about.  Rather it is a result of focus and my limited schedule, and a desire not to give superficial or overly generic attention to critically important issues.


I graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in political science and keep an eye on Tunisia’s political, foreign policy, economic, and security news.  My personal objective in starting Tunisia-tn.com, is to make Tunisian news, usually in Arabic or French, more accessible to an English speaking global audience.  By commenting daily on Tunisia’s news.


The majority of the sources used for articles will come from official government press releases and statements.  When this is the case the issuing authority will be clear, to a fault, in the article.   This will be supplemented with local media sources and my own contacts in Tunisia and Washington.


Particularly when it concerns security news the primary source will be official government statements, rather than any speculation in media, other than my own.  My own flawed writing and any initial official statements by the Tunisian government on presumed suspects are just that, presumed suspects.


Any advice, comments, assistance or collaboration with regards to either of these objectives would be most welcome.


Fadhel Moudoud